bathroom improvements

Bathroom refurbishment
Home improvements are always exciting, on occasion always for the right reasons. But, if you are planning ahead there are ways to avoid potential bathroom renovation pitfalls. To help you ensure that the process runs smoothly, according to planned timeline and that it ends with the bathroom you imagined, we’ve prepared a useful set of tips and bathroom refurbishment aspects to take into consideration before you start.

bathroom decorating
Create a wishlist

It’s a really pleasurable way to begin the whole process of your bathroom refit. You probably know what you want in your bathroom, but it’s always preferable to actually get it from your head and put it documented on paper. This will accelerate any quotation process, as the list of what you want to complete in your bathroom will be to hand.


This list also helps with the procedure for figuring out the budget. Maybe you have a ballpark determine mind already and confronting it together with the bathroom renovation wishlist will tell you so what can really be achieved.

It’s best if you also talk to an expert. They will give you a perception of what really can be performed – are there any unexpected planning issues? Does your idea for first time bathroom require serious repositioning of important components like sinks? Piping-related assignments usually use up most time and money, so it’s always beneficial to consult a specialist to minimise the amount of unexpected bathroom refit issues later in the act. Knowing how much you have to spend on the mandatory plumbing elements will leave you with a clear add up to spend on tiles, lighting, accessories, etc. Also, an expert will be able to advise on how to make savings, so there’s more left inside the kitty for later.

DIY or “find a guy”

Plumbing and wiring is really a job for an experienced professional. It’s only a matter of safety and time savings. Even when it comes to small bathroom installations, it’s good to get an expert’s opinion. You save heartache later on.

If you’re adamant to perform all the bathroom decorating yourself, give yourself plenty of time. Keep calm, continue and you will achieve the result you are after. And remember, much more doubt, check the measurements yet again!

The order of work

It feels right to start with the top – the ceiling – then move on to the walls and things on the floor level. This prevents any unnecessary harm to new fixtures and ceramic tiles.

Challenges out of sight

If you are moving to a house which was built in the 60., expect you’ll seal with some extra conditions may be not visible with the first glance. For example, leaking tiles under the shower, old plumbing, possible rust about the pipework… at some time to the initial estimate, just in case as each of these will add to the time you or perhaps the professional you work with should spend bringing a bath room refit project to a close.

However, a professional should be able to perform appropriate checks to show you of the state your bathrooms is in and advise accordingly about the best course of action and accurate timelines.

They – designer or suitable for me

That is the big question! Whenever we first think about obtaining a new bathroom, we usually start with researching what exactly is out there. That is the right starting point. But, we sometimes get swept away from the designer elements, fashionable colours, the “must have” features. The reality is, we are not likely to redo our bathrooms annually, so it’s only logical to choose elements that are going to fit our lifestyle and appear good next year along with the season after that at the same time. So, when doing research you will need to remember who is going to use the space and remember that above all the person that this bathroom refurbishment is good for, is you.

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